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MJ Consulting’s role in the new Tiffany & Co. store at Heathrow T2

Project Overview - MJC proudly presents its latest accomplishment – the stunning new Tiffany & Co. store at Heathrow Terminal 2. Nestled within the exclusive horseshoe area of the airport's retail section, this project stands out for its unique architectural design and structural sophistication.

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The primary challenge was to construct a store that not only embodies the luxury and elegance of the Tiffany & Co. brand but also fits seamlessly into the distinctive oval shape of Heathrow T2’s retail space. The design required a combination of aesthetic appeal and structural integrity to create a welcoming yet luxurious environment for travellers.


Structural Engineering

MJC provided expert structural design services, focusing on the stability and durability of the steel frame structure. This was crucial in realising the ambitious architectural vision.  We also produced detailed drawings for the steel frame, ensuring precision in construction and adherence to the highest standards of engineering.  Throughout the construction phase, MJC offered ongoing structural consultancy, addressing challenges and ensuring that the project stayed on track and met all safety and quality standards.


Architectural Design

The store’s exterior is a masterpiece of architectural design, featuring large curved sections. The façade incorporates hammered and clear glazing, interspersed with LED sections, creating a visually striking appearance that captures the essence of Tiffany & Co.’s brand identity.


The completion of the Tiffany & Co. store at Heathrow T2 is not just a significant achievement for MJC but also a new landmark at Heathrow Airport. The project showcases our ability to blend structural engineering with aesthetic design, creating a space that is both visually stunning and functionally robust. Congratulations to everyone involved in bringing this project to fruition!

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WH Smith
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