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Ceiling void inspections

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, ensuring we understand every last detail.

Ensuring your ceiling is structurally secure is not only important for the safety of your guests, but also now a legal requirement.

MJC are specialists in inspecting ceiling void structures, from the roof down to the structure supporting the plasterwork – we are well known and respected in the industry. That’s down to MJC’s founder and director, who literally wrote the book on the subject when he was tasked with creating the current safety legislation for theatre roofing – Guidance Note 20.

Your problem is in
our experienced hands.

So when it comes to your ornate plaster ceiling, void, and roof of the building itself, we know how to make sure everything is safe and structurally secure.

And should any of these elements need upkeep, we can take the lead with the design and consultation on the project.

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Ceiling Void Inspections & Guidance Note 20

We carry out Ceiling Void Inspections to comply with Guidance Note 20.

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