MJC looks beyond lockdown to the live entertainment renaissance

By MJC Event Engineers
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No one can deny it has been a challenging year for the live entertainment industry, but that doesn’t mean the final curtain has been drawn. 

In fact, MJC firmly believes that: “With strong support, a bit of effort, and the right approach, next year could well see a real revival and huge spike in demand for live entertainment.”

Since MJC began in the mid-90s, the team has grown to include structural engineers, project managers, and surveyors, under the control of industry expert, Mike Jackson. With his knowledge of UK venues, MJC has built a solid reputation for being the ‘go to guys’ for everything from theatre signage to outdoor venue grid work, temporary structures and more. 

“The MJC team has an enviable track record working on major festivals like Latitude, alongside supporting artistic directors to improve indoor venue infrastructure, so they can accommodate ambitious events of all kinds,” Mike explains. “But right now, the biggest challenges lie ahead, because we plan to play a big part not only in refurbishing venues, but building up the industry itself.”

And as far as the MJC team’s expert engineers are concerned, for every challenge, no matter how large or complicated, there’s a solution.

Raising the curtain

With the UK government’s rallying cry of ‘build back better’ echoing around the empty concert halls and theatres of the UK, many people who work within the industry are worried things will never be the same as they once were. 

However, the MJC team believes that looking a little further down the road, perhaps as soon as early 2021, things will seem very different.

“There is a lot of cause for positivity in the near future,” Mike says. “With vaccine roll outs just around the corner, and the whole population eager for a time when they can finally make carefree plans, be it to attend a festival, see a show in the West End, or take their family to a production, I think we’ll see a real surge in demand for tickets.”

MJC sees a need for the industry to be ready to meet the market needs:

“The whole industry needs to be ready for when this moment comes. Demand for tickets is one thing, but we need to be sure that the UK’s beautiful and historic theatres are ready for the kind of next level productions that audiences expect and love.”

When it comes to venue refurbishment, MJC takes centre stage

With lightweight modular stage designs, grid work redesigns and wing refurbishments under their belts, the MJC team understands the demands of working sympathetically with listed and historic buildings.

“MJC’s recent projects with the Dominion Theatre, and the huge multimillion Shaftesbury Theatre refurbishment, speak for themselves,” Mike says. “And with expertise in creating stages, seating and grid designs for indoor and outdoor shows of all kinds, plus extensive knowledge of many of the UK’s biggest and best-known venues, we can consult with production companies and artistic directors to ensure their chosen venues are secure, safe, and capable of putting on unforgettable shows.”

There may still be some way to go before live entertainment can fully shrug off the challenges of social distancing and lockdowns. However, rest assured, MJC is waiting in the wings and ready to support venues as they prepare their infrastructure for the colossal renaissance that is sure to follow.

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