MJC’s approach to West End theatre signage

By MJC Event Engineers
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If you want to see a portfolio of MJC’s signage work, your best bet is to walk through London’s West End at night. Because for the last few decades, MJC have consulted on some of Theatreland’s most dazzling and eye-catching show signage.

And while MJC’s name may not be up there in bright lights, their ability to navigate ambitious signage concepts through the design, permission and construction process has made many a production director’s face light up with joy.

In fact, over the past quarter of a century, MJC have provided hundreds of theatres with structural solutions that enabled their signage to shine bright and bold, giving this unique area such a distinctive character.

“One of my favourites from recent years was the ‘Tina’ sign at the Aldwych Theatre,” MJC MD Mike Jackson explains. “We were able to design a load bearing framework that didn’t put strain on the listed building’s canopy. And because the framework was so slender, and the sign was partially transparent, it made the planning process much more straightforward, as the building’s facade wasn’t obscured. And even better, when it was lit up at night, the sign looked like it was floating above the entrance, and that certainly captured the eye.”

What is involved in the West End theatre signage process?

Site survey.

Before the process can begin, the MJC survey team will look at the artistic requirements of the brief, and then visit the venue, to establish what will be required to ensure the sign can be built and supported.


The team will create the necessary drawings, and develop a support structure that can meet the needs of the theatre’s creative demands, no matter how large or ambitious they may be. With hundreds of signs under their belt, MJC are as adept at using modern manufacturing materials as they are adding traditional touches. The approach depends on what a specific signage project requires.


Depending on the venue and location, listed building and advertising consent will need to be sought from Westminster and/or Camden Council. As signage veterans in the West End, MJC can guide this process to ensure it goes smoothly.

The team are also veterans at managing the whole project, from initial brief through to the final installation. As Tina would say, when it comes to theatre signage, MJC are simply the best.

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